About Us

So you want to know all about us do you? Don’t want to maintain the mystique that keeps things interesting? Ok, just for you here’s some information about us.

Lesbian Gamers is run by, guess what? – actual lesbians. Yup, we’re all about the girls here and we felt it was time that lesbian gamers had someplace safe and fun to hang out. Sure there are other sites out there, but come on, you can tell by our domain name we’re already more committed than they are!

What Lesbian Gamers is going to be is a cool place to stop by and leave your comments on whatever news has been posted. You can also leave a shout out in the shoutbox as well as participate in our lesbian only forum. We’re not going to deprive you of your reviews, so don’t worry. You can get your review fix from here and from another trusted website that we support 100%

You want more stuff!? You want to know us more intimately!? Ok, ok, you can already see how much of a pushover we are here.

There are two of us here at the moment and we have both been writers and gamers for a very long time. This means of course that now we’re combining the two things we love to bring it to you in a nice little package. We both review games on another site and work within the games industry in varying ways. Now all we want are some lovely regulars here to make this place really shine.

It’s your time lesbo ladies, let’s show the big boys we play too… and we’re not all about the pink straight girl stuff either. ;o)

P.S. Hey corporate people, if you’re reading this and you’ve noticed us then let us know. Want us to review something for you, to put the word out about your products or just generally be in our good books? Then contact us ASAP. We accept review code for all current console formats.


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