Lesbians in Mass Effect – Xbox 360

On the offchance you all missed this little tidbit of information when it hit the net a few weeks ago (and got all the young boys giggling), BioWare title Mass Effect will feature lesbians… sort of. According to the British games ratings board players using the female character (Jane Shepherd) can enter into a sex scene “between her and male human or a female humanoid alien.” The humanoid alien in question though is of neutral gender, so it’s a little picky really.

For our gay gaming brothers, male characters can only initiate sex “between him and a human woman or a humanoid female alien” because God forbid there be any boy on boy action, the girl on girl action is okay though because it appeals to the male gamers –all yawn in unison–


2 Responses to Lesbians in Mass Effect – Xbox 360

  1. Eden the Spike says:

    It’s titilation, pure and simple really isn’t it and that’s just annoying. Sure on the other hand, at least we can play a chick this time and not some bohunk.

  2. mouse says:

    Except Bioware also made the game Jade Empire where one of the male npcs could be romanced by either male or female, and one of the female npcs could be romanced by male or female.

    I believe they are really one of the best mainstream game companies out there…

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