Welcome to Lesbian Gamers

Welcome to Lesbian Gamers. We were stunned when we saw the domain for LesbianGamers wasn’t taken, what’s up with that?! Now, we know their are a LOT of lesbian gamers out there, so where the hell are they? Perhaps they just didn’t have a place to hang before, perhaps they don’t own computers (yeah right!!). Anyway we’re here now, join in, be heard.

We want this to be a community, leave comments and get involved. Got an idea for an article / post, Tell Us and we’ll see to it. We don’t have a forum and any of you ladies that have outed yourselves on a gaming forum (with the rare exception, see our trusted links) will know why. What we do have are comments, use them as you would a forum, it’s the same thing, just better organized. We hope you’ll be a regular visitor here. Have a good time ladies!


One Response to Welcome to Lesbian Gamers

  1. June says:

    I’m really excited to find this site! I’ve been surfing GayGamer.net for ages, and while it’s a homofriendly environment, there’s still something to be desired from a lesbian’s point of view. So! In short, thank you for existing!

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