Nathan Drakes Femme Sidekick

Ahhh Helen Hunt in Twister, there’s just something about a cute lady in a vest top.. ahem where were we.. oh yes.. lady in vest top, which brings us neatly to Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune on the PS3. We’ve been persuing a few trailers for this macho fest and noticed a certain little lady (pictured). The girl in question appears to help Nathan Drake on his quest.

Now whether or not this blonde is one of those pathetic ‘girly’ wimp characters placed within the games framework to act as a tool for making the main character all that more macho, we won’t until we’ve played it. Whatever the case, why even bother with Nathan Drake, when you already have the lovely Lady Lara to play with.. do we really need ‘Dude Raider’ when we’d rather push Lara’s buttons?


3 Responses to Nathan Drakes Femme Sidekick

  1. Jordan says:

    HA! Someone else who loved Helen Hunt in Twister! I hear ya sister!
    Nice site.. likin it. Wanted someplace that had plenty of female focused gaming news.
    Big up to you.
    Now where was my copy of Twister again..

  2. Corky says:

    Helen Hunt in Twister? Ohh come on ladies, there is only one vest champion and that would have to be Corky out of Bound. WEHT Helen Hunt anyway.

  3. John Hummel says:

    I just want to give a quick prop: Dude Raider.

    Might be the bestest description of this game.

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