Is Jade a Lesbian?

Any lesbian to have played the game ‘Beyond Good & Evil’, originally released by Ubisoft back in 2003, has perhaps pondered this very question. Is Jade a lady who likes other ladies? This is something we’ve long pondered, so let’s look at what we know about our dark haired heroine and see what we can glean from it.

Jade is single, sassy and likes photography.. hmm.. so are a lot of women. She has a funky short hairdo, doesn’t wear much make-up and when she does she opts for the non vaginal lip color of green over pinks and reds. She’s 20 years old and owns her own company–Jade Reporting. She has (according to Ubisofts own words) “a marked taste for adventure and justice”. She also wants to bring about change and fights against prejudice and propoganda.

How we doing so far? She also likes motor vehicles and adopts the nickname ‘Shauni’ as her alias. We’re not saying that every girl who likes bikes and has short hair is a dyke, even though we’d like to think it.. but come on Jade exudes the lesbian vibe. Whenever I see her on screen, my gaydar goes crazy, much as it does with someone like, oh I don’t know.. Jessica Biel for example.. ahem..

Whether Jade is ever outed or not doesn’t matter to us here at Lesbian Gamers. In our hearts she will always be the cute baby dyke photographer and that’s what imagination is all about.


3 Responses to Is Jade a Lesbian?

  1. Eden says:

    A total dyke. Come on people! I thought this as soon as I got this game, which I think was way back on the PS2 from memory. I really liked this character because she was smart and tough without having to be slutty… can I say slutty? Oops, have now.

  2. Corky says:

    I dunno, it would be cool, but what difference does it make if she’s not out in the game? It’s like this stupid Harry Potter – Dumbledore thing of JK saying he was gay.. no he wasn’t gay, he is gay now, but he wasn’t gay then, I’ve read all the books and I don’t recall him ever having a gay moment.

    So really my point is, it would be great if Jade, or other characters were gay, but gay at the time they’re around, not after. I hope you all take my meaning.

  3. Bri says:

    She does have the gaydat tweak doesn’t she. It would be cool to have a lesbian games character that was out, without it being anything of consequence. Jade would be my pick, or Lara Croft.

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