Ubisoft Imagine Girls Are Second Rate

Can we curse? Holy fuck.. what the hell is this? Apparently ladies… Ubisoft undertook ‘research’ and came to the conclusion female gamers WANT this crap. Where did they get these researchers? Well one would assume the Charles Darwin Women are Crap and Should Be Kept in the Kitchen Association.

Honestly what the hell is going on in the games industry, when a company as cool as Ubisoft usually is starts peddling this garbage. I think we’re all in stunned pissed off silence here at Lesbian Gamers. Poor unsuspecting mommies are probably going to purchase these for their daughters this holiday season, without realising the effect this has on them. By the Gods we implore any sensible parent DO NOT buy these attrocities.

Check out the Daily Telegraph article, which includes a snippet from our very own Tracy from supporting site ThumbBandits.com


8 Responses to Ubisoft Imagine Girls Are Second Rate

  1. Eden the Spike says:

    You have got to be kidding. I doubt any parent would purchase these titles, did you read what they are.. kitchen, babies, fashion design. The guy stating ‘astrophysics’ from Ubisoft pr in that article was being a dick.

  2. John Hummel says:

    I am a parent, and I’m not buying these titles for my daughter.

    Though I will likely get her the Chessmaster game for the DS. Just because she’s my little geekette in the making.

  3. Colvin says:

    These games annoy me. We had a stand in the game store where I work last holiday season and it was ‘Games for Girls’ or something. All the games were like Barbie and Horsies and all that garb. My pleas to management fell on deaf ears and it remained. The sad thing is a lot of parents bought them, usually along with the DS for their kid. These games should be outlawed somehow, they’re an embarrassment.

    I can’t really believe Ubisoft made them to be honest, it all feels like a big joke. And nice one John, don’t buy them for your daughter, chess is a strategy game.. it’s not teaching her she only has one path to follow.

    Rant over!

    Cool Avatar btw.. very noir lol

  4. Horokeh says:

    Well, I disagree with all of you… I actually think it’s pretty stupid to say that these games are trash just because they’re aimed at girls with girly themes.

    Maybe they really are bad games, terrible gameplay, bad sound and horrible grafics.

    But would you consider Nintendogs any different from those 3 games, or Cooking Mama. I’ve played both and they’re pretty good games, addicting to say the least, if these games would have been promoted as for girls, maybe you would have said they were trash too.

    I don’t know about Lesbian Gamers, but I have a niece that can spend hours a day playing “Dress up kids from High School Musical” a web game, that I could say Sucks Ass, but I mean if she likes it, if she’s entertained, then why would I act all high and mighty and say that “Who the hell researches this?”. Maybe they actually researched or targeted feminine girls who do like pink, doggies, dresses and such.

    The truth of the matter is some girls (and even boys) like these themes, and maybe they would serve as a platform (trampoline of such) to other games that would be considered better.

    We shouldn’t put these games down just because of what they’re about, if they’re terrible games then we should demand better gameplay, sound, grafics, replay value. I think there are enough games on the market targeted for “Boys”.

    And let me just add is the ERBS rating M? or T?… no right… it’s probable E or something as such.

    So Girls or not… don’t bash a game because of what it’s about. If it’s out there it’s because some girls or boys might or will like it.

  5. Nikki says:

    You’ve got to be kidding right? You can’t possibly link Nintendogs to these titles, they’re completely unrelated becasue nintendogs doesnt pander to gender stereotyping. These games aren’t aimed at boys because boys aren’t xpect to cook, clean and take care of themselves in the same way girls are and that is the gripe, which you clearly missed.

    As for ‘feminine girls’.. are you assuming some lesbians aren’t feminine? Many are very much so and they like pink as much as the next girl, that’s not what this is about.

    Look a little deeper at the overall ramifications of these sorts of titles and don’t assume if it’s out there it’s because someone wanted it. There are hundreds of utter crap titles on the market, not because someone wanted them, just because the developers and publishers couldn’t be assed.

  6. purin says:

    These might be good for little bitty girls still in the baby doll and dress up age, but happens when they get just a few years older? Video games and systems aren’t cheap, you know! Are the graphics and gameplay even good enough to please an older and more sophisticated gamer? I understand a bit of where they’re coming from. I love customizing game characters. It’s the geek version of dress up. I love baby animals and cute things. However, if I want a game about this, I want something a little more clever and well put together. The graphics look… okay. Even the packaging isn’t very inspiring.
    (The piggy baby outfit is kinda cute, though, I must admit)

  7. Horokeh says:

    To nikki:
    Curiously… you didn’t consider Cooking Mama… I did mention that game, did you by any chance play it?? or even consider it in response to my comment. Is it not a gender stereotyping game where you cook… and you actually enjoy doing it? No, you didn’t and if you read either my comment or the original article (which wasn’t just published in this place), you would know that there is “Imagine Animal Doctor” too, that’s my comparison to Nintendogs, taking care of a Dog is über fun, how about Trauma Center? Sure you won’t be opening up a dog, cat or bird up, but playing girl VET is EVIL!

    Did you mention the thing I said about ERSB rating? Or maybe the part where I said these games could be fun. That they should spend more time on gameplay, sound, grafics, not just put said games on the market without even making them fun.

    It’s basically you who has missed the point, this is a big what if, but WHAT IF these games are fun, playing vet, taking care of babies or w/e fashion designer is about, if they’re fun would you still consider said game crap, just because they’re stereotyping?, the problem is, Girl specific games have an awful rep and of course they deserve every last bit of it, but that doesn’t mean that all past, present and future games are/will be terrible.

    Tell me the exact place in the main article, where it said, these games have bad ________ (fill in the blank) because we’ve already played and reviewed all three and they’re as bad Elf Bowling. There isn’t a place is there?

    And about Feminine girls, did I even mention Lesbians aren’t feminine, did I imply it? Or was I talking about young girls 3 – 10, yeah sure, a lot of them might be lesbians in the future, might even have an idea about they’re sexuality, maybe even be sure of it, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some girls that aren’t “girly” or are little tomboys.

    So in conclusion to you comment, gender stereotyping is bad. So let’s kill Barbie, Destroy Tonka, Kill Strawberry Short Cake and Action Man, because they are evil and bad and the ramifications to our already unstable society will be devastating. We should also get rid of positive/negative role models like physically and mentally strong women/men in games woman like Lara Croft, Rayne and Hannah (fear effect), Nina Williams, Ivy (Soul Calibur),Yuna (FFX), Men like Dante, The prince of Persia, Snake. We should actually start games with asexual protagonist, that way everyone will be happy… Final Fantasy XII anyone?

    Truth of the matter is and always will be some girls (and boys) will like to do things considered “out of gender”, and some will don’t.

  8. Colvin says:

    Gees calm down Horo, no need to start going all personla, everyone is entitled to their opinion and yours clearly differs from ours.

    Are you male or female btw? Just wondering as you seem seem to have a completely biased view of this subject.

    I stand by what I said earlier in this section. These games annoy me and I don’t have to play them to know that’s the case.

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