Lady Lara Croft in 2022

We’re clever here at Lesbian Gamers, we can bend time and space like ‘Hiro’ and even hop into gamings parallel dimensions. We’ve done that especially for you and leapt into the year 2022 in the universe of Lady Lara Croft, to see what she’s up to.

What’s this? Lara is the president of Sarah Lawrence College – infamously rumored to be ‘dyke central’ at times. Lara lives on campus with her ‘partner’ Atlanta Blue, the head of the literature department and a lady who has similar alien routes to Lara – as an English woman living in New York. Apparently Lara has been resident at the College for 9 years, she has popular classes in Ancient History and Gender Studies. Needless to say she’s extremely popular with both the boys and girls there, but her hands-on teaching style has occasionally perplexed some of the less liberal members of staff. Currently organizing a trip to the Catacombs of Paris for her class, Lara is hoping to find some original parchment of the Knights Templar.

As proof we’re not yanking your chain, we took a screen capture of the parallel dimensions Sarah Lawrence College page. You can check it out HERE (thanks to for hosting). Lara is looking goood for a 40 something teacher.

We’ll be leaping forward on other female games character over the coming months, to see what they’re up to in 15 – 20 years time. We hope you enjoy them.


2 Responses to Lady Lara Croft in 2022

  1. Colvin says:

    That cracked me up!!! That page is so funny and Lara looks HOT! Man can you imagine if she were truly your college lecturer though, you would never get anything done!

  2. Nikki says:

    Good one grrls, made me smile to even imagine that could be a reality.


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