Get ‘The Shaft’ and Control Your Wii

Wrapping our lady loving hands / fingers around a shaft is the last thing us lesbian ladies would think about doing, but this might have us changing our minds. The rather phallically titled Wii controller ‘The Shaft’ is brought to you by Overline Gaming and released mid December. It is by their own admission "The only arcade style joystick for the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console".

Ok so why do we even care? Well we got to thinking, this is of interest for two reasons. Firstly, it looks like a vibrator and it’s called The Shaft, which in itself appealed to our immature sense of humor today. Secondly you never see companies releasing ‘The Vag’ or ‘The Honey Box’.. with a fire button so sensitive only a woman will know how to truly control it. Hell why not get Eve Ensler in, release one called ‘The C*nt’ and soak up all the free press. Just a thought. There are images of the pink, black and white Shaft at the WiiShaft website.. sounds multi cultural or painful.


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