Xbox Update & Carla Valenti

We’re combining this news rather than drawing out two reports that are related. Firstly Carla Valenti, as female games characters go there are a few that stand out from the crowd and she is one of them. Carla appeared in the 2005 title Fahrenheit (aka Indigo Prophecy). How is this related to an Xbox Update? Well the looming December 4 update will include the ability to download original Xbox games. One of the games that will appear with the update is Fahrenheit (aka Indigo Prophecy).

If this somehow managed to pass you by, it’s well worth a look. No Carla isn’t a lesbian, but she is one cool kick ass female games character. Anyway her boxing scenes and white vest top and underwear scenes are bound to appeal to the tomboy in all of us. The original Xbox games will set you back around 1200 Points a piece. A little annoying given you may well be able to pick up a tangible copy for less in the sales bins. Fahrenheit is defnitely worth a look.


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