Cooking Mama 2: Dinner With Dykes

Looks like your last lesbian dinner party doesn’t it, there’s Maureen with her specs on the left, right next to some young bi-curious girl she met at the gym. Next to them is Cassy, she’s not happy about the bi girl. Then there’s the mad host Sherry, wearing a ridiculous pink hat, Nina with her cap on backwards, because she likes to pretend she’s Max from Go Fish. Lucy, not a lesbian, she just likes hanging out at lesbian dinner parties for the drama, and lastly far right, Katie, with her new specs—everyone told her to get the thick rimmed rectangular style befitting ‘geek dykes’, but no! Fashion disaster, she went for the round ones and now looks like the milkybar kid.

Phew! Who knew ‘Cooking Mama 2: Dinner With Friends’ would have so many dykes in it! The sequel on the DS will feature 80 original international recipes, some old favourites and the chance to create all-new customised dishes, 150 fast and fun mini games to challenge player cooking expertise. You can also offer dishes cooked to one of the many characters who will judge it for flavour and presentation–you know that bi girl isn’t going to like anything with tofu in it, afterall she probably prefers real meat. Cooking Mama 2: Dinner With Dykes will be available early 2008 on Nintendo DS.


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