Pink Girl Gaming Accessories!!

Pink, yes it means so many things–not out pop stars who dislike ‘Bush’ (make of that what you will), color perfect for gender stereotyping, a pale red, slightly flushed cheeks.. and girl gaming accessories. Yes of course we’re going to have a little bent out rant about that last one. Firstly let’s say, we know not ALL women (yes including lesbians) find pink accessories to be irritating, we’re not speaking for everyone, that would be silly. We are speaking for some however.

So why the rage? Well, WolfKing (aka maker of gaming input devices) today announced it is customizing its award-winning WARRIOR gaming pad and TROOPER gaming mouse to appeal to female PC gamers. The specially designed gaming devices will be sold exclusively through Dell. "Specially designed", oh goody!.. how are they specially designed for girl gamers… aren’t our hands the same as guys, four fingers, one thumb – CHECK! .. strange I wonder what they ‘designed’ for us lucky ‘special’ ladies of gaming!! YAY!! They added "a Flamingo Pink accent gradient on top of a full stealth black matte finish" and now "it offers all the functionality of the WARRIOR, but with a feminine touch."

“Female gamers have an incredibly high set of standards when it comes to quality as well as design,” said Bob Costlow, director of sales, WOLFKING. “You can’t just paint something pink and say it’s for girls. (errr, isn’t that what you’ve just done Bob?-Ed) The Girl Gamer products give women access to fully functioning, hardcore gaming devices, but with an aesthetic touch.”.. ohh.. ‘aesthetic touch’ we’d have probably called it an ‘asshole touch’.. but each to their own.


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