Gears of War 2 – Female Character Morons

Whilst perusing the interweb for news today we came across something that did somewhat disturb us and it was this – the lack of intelligence in ‘some’ gamers. In a thread on GameTrailers a simple question is posed: ‘Should Gears of War 2 have a female character?’. Here’s the response that nailed it for us: "Hell no! If there was a chick presented in Gears of War 2 as a main character she would be some buff-manly-dike-butch character".

Oh but there are other responses sure to endear these morons to us even further: "no way!!!!!!! this is gears of war 2, not gears of painting our nails 2", "Naahhhh there is no place for a women in Gears", "I dont wanna play as a butch woman.", "yeah, and she should be a butch lesbo carring a big gun theres definately a lack of butch lesbo characters in the video game industry.. i say she has a mullet hairy upper lip, a rosie odonell feel to her would be nice too", "If I play a female character, will have to play a little tampon reloading mini game like we had to when reloading the guns in the original Gears?"

Yes, there you have it, people actually took the time to respond with these answers, doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Granted there are a few intelligent responses in the thread, but for the most part, that’s what you get. Feel free to let loose by making the most of our comments section.


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