Coolest Girl in School – Ugh

Aussie developers ‘Champagne for the Ladies’, a company whose tagline is "mobile entertainment for discerning dames" has a new game out called ‘Coolest Girl in School’. Sounds good, it’s about cool girls afterall. So, what makes the girls cool? Well, lying, bitching and flirting of course. Don’t all groan together.

There’s even a little sexuality play thrown in apparently, with the official site stating "Experiment with your sexuality", we can only assume this to mean some girl on girl action. Now, the odd thing is Creative Director of Champagne for the Ladies is (surprisingly – Ed.) a lady – Holly Owen. Perhaps it’s all tongue in cheek, but lost on us, perhaps Holly just has a bizarre sense of humor, or she just doesn’t realise the damage titles like this do to women gamers. Whatever the case this is a mobile title and won’t be adorning your Xbox with its girly bitchery any time soon.


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