Tomb Raider Legend II & Lara is Bi

Don’t get your panties in a twist, read on… Remember our earlier foray into the future Lara Croft? Well this is just a little something to get your teeth into whilst we await Tomb Raider Legend II… Lara Croft is bi. What? when? How? Ok.. so not Lara Croft ‘exactly’, but the silken tongued Keeley Hawes who voiced her in Tomb Raider: Legend and Tomb Raider Anniversary.

Keeley is no stranger to the lesbian world, given she played 1890’s hottie Kitty Butler in Tipping the Velvet. At the time she was interviewed by UK based Diva magazine, in which she stated rather matter of factly to being bi. Keeley is presently working on Tomb Raider Legend II which is set after the incident in the previous Tomb Raider Legend title. In Tomb Raider Legend II Lara Croft heads for Avalon, in search of her mother. And we’re pretty sure we’re one of the first gaming sites to even realise Tomb Raider Legend II is in the works, given we stumbled over it quite by accident, so huzzah us!


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